Monday, September 26, 2011

Quote Book

At the request of a friend {kels} I am posting some of my favorite quotes from my quote book.  I love quotes, so I have a quote journal that I write them into.  I will bold the ones that are my favorite, in case you don't want to read them all.  But they are all SOOOO good!

"Personal challenge is not to wail successfully but to live richly, fully, and joyfully.  The good is not to wait for the right person but to be the right person."
-Elder Marvin J. Ashton {April Engisn. 2010}

"Perseverance is positive, active characteristic.  It is not idly, passively waiting and hoping for some good thing to happen.  It gives us hope by helping us realize that they righteous suffer no failure except in giving up and no longer trying."
-Elder Wirthlin { Nov. Ensign 1987}

"No wicked man could write such a book as this; and no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were commanded of God to do so."
-Safety for the Soul, Elder Holland {Conference 2009}

"A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing."

"History teaches u what to follow and helps us know where to go."

{"In Gods garden how tall does our soul stand?"

"If attitudes, deeds, and attributes were express in physical features what would I look like?"}

-President Monson

"If you judge people  you have no time to love them."
-Mother Teresa

"A woman's heart must be so lost in God that a man but first seek him to find her."

"Sometimes you know things with your heart that you don't know with your head."
-Emma Smith

"God doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the called."

"We become more substantive as we serve others, indeed it is easier to 'find' ourselves because there is much more of us to find!"
-Pres. Kimball

"I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet."

"To me it's never been quite clear to who the joy belongs to, those who write, those who hear, or to those who sing the song."

"Dear lord, I don't ask to have faith to move a mountain but faith to have a mountain move me."

"I know God is always here but sometimes I need a touch with some skin on it."

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

I hope those touch you like they have touched me.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


We and I mean, Chris and I have offically moved.  We have moved into a huge wonderful house and we are very blessed.  Life is crazy busy.  School has stolen my husband, and I am being buried alive by lesson plans for October.    We have aquired a cute new pup by the name of Scottie!  Yes, he is a scottish terrior and yes he was Chris' parents but they have decided to leave us a warm bodie to fill the big house. 

I was sick on Tuesday, missed work. 

October is coming!  Do you know what that means?!  Candy Corn Pumpkins.  I live for this month and for those candies.  Kelsie says I will get sick of them.  I say, "No."

I have officially become a Lost junkie.  I know what you're thinking.  It's taken you this long to watch it?!  Well yes.  Thank you husband for getting me addicted.  It's just so good!

Justin leaves for his mission on Wednesday.  Chris' parents move on Wednesday to Virginia.  Change is coming....It's not welcomed.

We are so happy just to be together and not six hours apart.  I am blessed to have a wonderful sweet husband who sticks with me even when I get upset with him for making the bed (yes i'm phsyco, and I told him sorry...).  We have officially been married for six months and have known eachother for a year!  If you would have told me a year ago that I would be living in Arizona I probably would not have believed you but I could not be happier! 

I made Zuchinni bread it tasted yummy!  Go me!

I have no pictures...I suck!

Went to the ASU football game!  They won in overtime.  Totally worth the backache!

Our date last week consisted of us getting dinner at Thai House.  If you have not tried Thai food you must!  After we ate dinner we decided to take a peak at Toys R' Us!  I now remember why I loved that place so much. 

Relax!  Max does :]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

Why I can't write inspiring things on my blog?  I read all these blogs and it just makes me wonder why can't I write like that?  If you are reading this then i'm sorry my blog is boring.  I really do try to live it up....

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was spent @

Knotts Berry Farm


Silly Poses 

Traditional photos with the old men :)  (Both grandparents, parents and us have pictures with these guys!)

Of course we made the guys pose with them too!

Yes, it is ALWAYS this busy!

Alvarez Street

Funny poses with random hats that have probably been worn by thousands of other sweaty people!

Union Station!


We had a great trip!  Some other places we went to that I didn't get pictures of was the beach and we stayed with my grandparents!  On our way home Chris and I stopped at Bob's and got a Bob's Big Boy Burger! It's always a must!

Some other photos from the weekend!



How was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was great!

Monday, September 5, 2011


On August 11. 2011 my Grandma Lulu passed away.
We went to her funeral on Monday the fifteenth.  It was nice to see all my family that were able to come down.  I'm going to miss her so much.  I don't think it has even really hit me yet...  She is so much happier now that she is with my Grandpa and not in so much pain anymore. 
Some things I remember about her are:
  • She always had Oreos at her house
  • She LOVED to laugh
  • Her love of books
  • Beautiful silver hair
  • Her belief in the church
  • She would tell me Bear stories when I was little
  • Her love for cheese
  • Her cute wobble when she walked
  • and many many more!







It was a really nice funeral.  Miss you grandma!

Bowling Night!

Welll here I am almost a month later!  A lot has happened since my past post.  We have been on dates, to a funeral, the temple (twice!), cleaned out our whole apartment (we move on Thursday), and have enjoyed eachother!  We love to go on dates with Jordan and Heidi!  They just got married in May so we are both newly married :]  We went bowling one night!

Chris was pretty excited to go bowling!  He won all the rounds!  That little cheater!  He is so good at bowling.

Lets just say that my form and my bowling skills are not up there!  I was the loser everytime.

We are always excited for a date night!!

Our cute friends Heidi and Jordan!

Chris and I.  Don't worry I don't always feel the need to squish my head into his haha.

Heidi and I.


We had such a fun night bowling with them!