Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ok so after I have FINALLY rearanged my pictures I am ready to blog about October!

First up on the List:

Trip to Kanab!
I had a week off at school so I went up to visit my family and friends in Kanab.  I took Josh's senior pictures and as you can tell we got a little carried away!

The "Swan" eagle!!

My mom and I had a spa day in St. George!  It was SOOOO wonderful!

My dad was taking our pictures haha.  We were supposed to be serious and look away.  I didn't :]

Next up on the List:

Our new member of our family!  We got a puppy!  After me being gone and Chris being all by himself we decided it would be best to buy a pup.  We were both missing the Max and Scottie so much so we got Moegly!  He is a very furry miniature schnauzer, and a very sweet pup!  We got him the same week as when my mom came out for the week.  She aproved of her newest grandpup.  Of course I didn't get one picture!

He lays so funny!  He also loves his teddy bear :]  We love him!

Third on the agenda:
Halloween!  We have had a very fun Halloween (and it's not even Halloween yet!).  Last weekend we went to a Halloween party.  As you can see in the picture below we were pirates again! Haha

We also had our own Halloween party with a couple of friends.  We had food, the wii dance, and catch phrase.  Moegly was the talk of the night haha.


Happy Halloween everyone!!!

 Next up, I made a million english muffins...not smart...took me four hourse!!  Not again.  They taste good though :]

Also we got a calling!  We are primary teachers for the 8-11 year olds.  Wish us luck, our first week was the primary program!! 

Other than that we are just working like crazy and very busy!!

Almost forgot!  Here is a picture of the teachers I work with!  We were pumpkins :]