Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Post?

I never know what to write on here.  I always wish I could be like one of those amazing bloggers that shares their wisdom and makes you feel better just by reading it.  I wish I could be one of the crafty bloggers that make their own clothes, shoes, and food.  I wish I could be one of those amazing teachers that blogs all their great ideas (that they come up with on their own).  Instead I am the blogger that reads all the other blogs.  I read the wisdom blog and am the one that feels better by reading it.  I am the blogger that reads the craft blog and then makes the craft.  I am also the teacher that looks at the blogs and copies the lesson plans :)  I guess thats ok to be one of those bloggers.  I mean, out of all the blogs in the world how many do we actually hear about that become popular?  Just a handful.
I guess the really important part is the journaling for future generations...right? I just always think that for someone else to read it I have to do something great or say something wonderful. Really it shouldn't matter what others think.

So... It's just me Kaylie.  Life has been busy as usual.  We are into a pretty good routine here at the Gardner home.  Wake up, work, work out, eat, tv, go to sleep :)  We are real interesting haha.  I'm grateful for the routine though.  It means that we are safe, secure and happy.  I like feeling safe... don't you?  Plus i'm not a good one at change.  

Here are to the secure days :)