Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogs I LOVE

Hey Everyone,

I know I don't blog very often.  I also know I NEVER blog for any other purpose lately then to update our weekly scrapbook page.  I thought I would be different today and quickly show you the blogs or websites that I literally visit daily.  This probably makes me look like a Internet junkie but I promise I'm not.  I just am one of those typical people that wish I could be like those wonderful women that I blog follow.

First up:

I am sure EVERYONE knows about this website.  If you don't then I feel deeply sorry for you.  This woman is an amazing mother, wife, and survivor.  I love reading her blog!  You really should check her out!

Second UP:

This girl is a fashioneesta (however you spell that funky word).  I love her clothes!  Every Friday she does a post about the cute clothes that she owns and wear to get them.  She has super cute ideas for crafts and art.

Third Up:

This mom is one of my students moms.  She had the greatest idea to start a website with party printables.  She has done work for Martha Stewart, HGTV, and Pottery Barn!  Super Cute!!

I think that is all of them for now.  Of course they change weekly but these three are my daily blogs.  I'm sure you will love them just as I do!  If anyone reads my blog I wish I could send you some virtual chocolate!

Like I told Chris (my hubby) today, "You are like a box of fine See's candy, not like all those other cheap chocolates!"

-Kaylie :]

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 17, 18, and 19!

Hey look at me!  I'm back...and late.  These were kinda rushed.  Hopefull they make sense haha.