Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Mini Vacation!

Hey! Look at me I’m on a ROOOLLL!!! :] That ok hold your applause :]

Chris and I decided that we wanted to do a small vacation since we wouldn't be able to for the next little while because Chris got a job at a semiconductor company! He is interning. We have been very blessed in our short few months that we have been married (three almost four btw). Anyway, we went to Six Flags, the Beach, Bobs, and visited with my grandparents and my dad!

Highlights of Six Flags



• Screaming that I hated X2
Photobucket After I got off...

• Chris yelling quit being a pansy

• Super man backwards (we thought we were in the front)

• Eating way too much BBQ, but it smelled SO good!

• Not doing viper?(Chris' words, not mine)

• Being so hot!

• Wishing we had bought Hurricane Harbor tickets to get in the pool.

• Paying a buck every time we rode a ride, stupid lockers!

• Ladies who kept taking pics of themselves

• Yahtzee

• Almost dying on the freeway

• The misters from hell

• Tweedy stealing Chris' wallet (he was pissed!)





Highlights of the Beach

• Talking for a seagull

• Watching the really good surfers

• Getting the evil eye from the Jack in the Box manager for parking in the parking lot

• paying 12 dollars for parking (three times)

• Metal robots


• Guy dressed up in Marijuana Leaves

• Henna tattoo

• the 420 doctor

• Cuddling on the beach

• Eating Arby’s at three with Dad (it never tasted soooo good!)

Highlights of Hollywood/Bobs


• The best burger EVER!(second to glades says Chris)


• Chris meeting bob the big boy for the first time

• Shirley Temple

• Driving down Hollywood

We had such a good time! It was also soooo nice to see my grandparents and spend time with them. Thank you for everything you both did!

On the way home chris started to feel sick.....I have been sick for the last few days as well

He slept the whole way home poor guy :(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I graduated!

News Update!

I Finally Graduated!!
It was over a month ago, but at least I'm blogging right?
I really need to learn how to rotate them...

My grandparents were able to come up for both days!!  I was so glad that they came up because I would not have been able to do it without them.

 Chris came up for the second day!  I was so glad I was able to celebrate it with my wonderful husband! 

Afterward we went to Applebees and I had the BEST burger I have had in a really really long time :]

Some other news in the Gardner life:
I got a REAL teaching job at a Preschool named Carebear Preschool.  I LOVE IT! 
Chris got a job at On Semi Conductor as an summer intern, I am so proud of him!
We have been up to Kanab a couple of times since but blame me for no pictures....
We are still happy and loving life!